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The Training Process
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The Training Process
Please note that only brief course overviews are provided here. For full programme details, or to arrange an appointment or booking, contact us directly.
In order to develop the appropriate training I have developed a unique system that allows a systematic training needs analysis be conducted across the team. This not only allows us to find the areas that need to be addressed but to ensure that the training is aligned with the companies' overall objectives and strategy to ensure the success is measurable.
Below is an example of how I would prepare training for field sales teams.
Initial discussion with the HR department on the business needs and their identified needs.
Discuss specific needs with the Sales Management team.
Spend a day in the trade with two sales people, morning and afternoon with a digital camera and video recorder to capture the environment. As each call is conducted current practises can be captured on our specially designed coaching documents. At the end of the day we can then allocate a % score based on that day, for each of the sales personís performance based on best practises in their specific industry.
During the day we will also review all sales aids, communication from marketing, Area planning, organisational structure covering over 190 specific areas.
Feedback will be given on findings on the teamís process will also be feed back and solutions will be provided.
The programme is designed and presented to the business managers for sign off.
Prior to the programme commencing the sales manager attends the Kerb side coaching programme for coaching the team in the field. They can then measure their teamís current performance using our coaching documents or taking a sample of the team, get an average score. Following the training they can then start coaching the team and see the % increase either on an individual or on a team basis.
In tandem with this we run all team members through our online Profile assessments (see Developing your People Section) the sales style Personal Profile Indicator profile and the Profile Sales Indicator. This allows us to tailor the programme around individual needs.
All programme attendees fill in a detailed questionnaire at the end of the day.
We then follow up with more skill based days around certain sales drives, new product launches or sales meetings.
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