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Since 2002 when the business commenced I have had the opportunity to present at numerous conferences, sales meetings, and breakfast mornings, to about 10,000 people. The feedback I get is that it's great to get a local Irish-based speaker who knows the market. The second feedback I get about the presentations is that people get involved, so they donít spend more than ten minutes at any one time sitting down. In other words they are great fun and when people are active and having fun they remember and learn more.
If you are having a conference and you want a speaker who is hugely energetic, will get your teams involved and leave the conference with a buzz then I would be delighted to adapt the presentation around your specific conference theme and your needs.
These three seminars are ideal for conferences & sales meetings and can all be adapted to suit your individual requirements:
Know your Customer - Know your Selling Style
(2 Hour Presentation)
This excellent seminar will help your team understand the four key buying styles, and how your sales team can improve their selling style to suit the customer and increase sales. It is proven that up to 50% of sales people use the incorrect selling style on their top customers.

You can see the value this seminar will add to any sales conference.
A great session for all those teams who like to get involved in a range of activities around sales skills where you can measure how good you are out of 100%!
Fifty Selling Tips
(2 Hour Presentation)
This seminar is a great motivator with all of the material designed so that it can be practically implemented the following day.
Managing Stress in your Sales Team & Customer Service Team leading to Improved Performance
(2 Hour Presentation)
As you will be aware from recent legislation, companies need to take more pro-active approaches in this area. Apart from this, stressed sales people underperform in the marketplace.

This seminar will help individuals to identify stress in their lives and how they can tackle this in the short, medium and long term.
All talks will be modified to meet company's requirements and this will affect the length & content of the presentation.
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