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Please choose from the following Consultancy Services. For full programme details, or to arrange an appointment or booking, contact us directly.
Sales Force Design
This project looks at your channel development, opportunity, and the sales structure both in numbers and locations best suited to manage the channel.
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Sales Team Incentives Design
Maximising your incentives budget to best motivate your team to deliver your key business drivers while at the same time giving you a very measurable incentives system, based around your business. We have over thirty different designs which have been implemented successfully.
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Individual Coaching
Do you need to develop your career, or do you have an individual on your team going off track?

This is a one-on-one process incorporating 360 degree feedback, full skills assessment and one-on-one coaching.
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Sales Team Measurement
This looks at how you manage to measure all aspects of your team: sales; margin; calls per day; specific sales drives; coaching needs; strike rate; product distribution; market share by area vs. demographics; journey plan adherence; call rate; telesales; sales inbound and outbound and pipeline fill.
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Management Effectiveness
Full 360 degree feedback, full team analysis, identifying skill gaps, management conflict and full solution provider.
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Hand-Held Project Implementation
Full project management sourcing to implementation & training, roll out and ongoing development.
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Sales Team Recruitment
Full analysis of existing team members leading to benchmarking. Recruitment process implementation across the business linked to the HR function (if in place).
Please note we are not a recruitment company - we only help you to select people. Please do not ask us to recommend staff to you as it is our company policy never to discuss any teams that we have worked with outside of their business.
For further information, see the Developing Your People section.
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Customer Services
Full mapping of existing services, policy documentation of service, ad. analysis, recommendations on improvements and full implementation projects.
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Appraisal System
No formal appraisal structure?
Only feeding back on figures?
This process looks at implementing a simple and effective procedure across the company.
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Market Entry
This project offers a full solution to providing a route into the Irish market for product or service distribution. Market research to help you select and implement a new distributor.
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